XS Encore Dress Code : Everything You Need to Know

The XS Encore is an exclusive Las Vegas club located inside the Encore at Wynn and draws some of the hottest celebrities around. As you can imagine, the dress code is just as exclusive! Here is everything you need to know about the XS Encore dress code so you can be sure to look stylish at this iconic nightclub.

General Rules 

First and foremost, the XS typically requires that guests wear upscale attire. This means no shorts, tank tops, ball caps or athletic wear of any kind. Jeans are acceptable, but must be in good condition. The club also has an age restriction of 21 and older, if you’re under 21, be sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID for admittance.

Women’s Dress Code 

Women should look their best for a night out at XS Encore. Cocktail dresses, heels, and fancy tops are all accepted at the door. Avoid casual clothing like sneakers, t-shirts, and denim. Keep it glamorous and you’ll be sure to get in!

Men’s Dress Code 

Men should also wear accessories like blazers, dress shoes, and collared shirts. Avoid jeans and be sure to leave the ball caps and athletic gear behind. The club also operates a strict no shorts policy.

Additional Guidelines 

Guests should be aware that the dress code may change at the discretion of club management. Also keep in mind that certain club events may require a different dress code. Always check the official club website for the latest updates before heading out for the night.

Related Examples 


Cocktail dress


Nice Top 



Collar Shirts 

Dress Shoes 

No caps 


Upscale attire

No Shorts 

No Athletic Wear 

No tank tops 

No T-shirts 


Q: Is there an age limit for the XS Encore? 

A: Yes, the club operates a strict 21 and older policy. Be sure to bring a valid government-issued photo ID for admittance. 

Q: Do men need to wear collared shirts? 

A: Yes, collared shirts or button-down shirts are typically required for men. 

Q: Can women wear jeans? 

A: Yes, jeans are accepted, but they must be in good condition. 

Q: Are shorts allowed? 

A: No, the club operates a strict no shorts policy. 

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