Murray’s Steakhouse Dress Code

Murray’s Steakhouse has been a staple of Atlanta’s dining scene since 1947. The restaurant is renowned for its fresh seafood, steak and barbecue dishes that can be enjoyed in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Along with providing classic comfort food, Murray’s also maintains an unmistakably elegant dress code to ensure each guest experiences a luxurious dining experience.

Casual Business Attire

To ensure a comfortable and special experience for each guest, Murray’s requests that guests adhere to casual business attire. This includes a comfy collared shirt, a classic pair of khakis, stylish dress shoes, and a well-worn blazer or sport coat. This timeless outfit ensures the Murray’s atmosphere is inviting and upholds their standard of excellence.

Business Casual

If one chooses to deviate from the casual business attire at Murray’s, they may dress in classic business casual. For guests who wish to showcase their personal style, Murray’s allows guests to wear a crisp polo shirt, sweatpants or basic jeans, as well as fashionable sneakers. Whether one is celebrating a special occasion or joining friends out to dinner, Murray’s dress code accommodates any occasion.

Formal Attire

For an especially cozy feel, Murray’s encourages their guests to walk through their doors in formal attire. A shirt, jacket, and trousers make for the perfect classic combination for an evening in the restaurant. For those who wish to stand out, Murray’s allows their guests to wear interesting patterned shirts or ties with dress pants and loafers or boots. It is recommended that gentlemen choose to have their hair trimmed and neat.


Casual Business Attire:

– Collared shirt

– Khakis

– Dress shoes

– Blazer or sport coat

Business Casual:

– Crisp polo shirt

– Jeans or sweatpants

– Fashionable sneakers

Formal Attire:

– Shirt, jacket, and trousers

– Patterned shirt or tie

– Dress pants and loafers or boots 

– Well-groomed hair for gentlemen 


By adhering to Murray’s dress code, guests can expect to experience a warm and inviting atmosphere in the restaurant. From casual business attire to formal attire, Murray’s has ensured that any guest with any style can come through their doors and enjoy a quality night out.


Q1: Does Murray’s Steakhouse have a dress code? 

A1: Yes, Murray’s Steakhouse has a dress code that requires guests to adhere to casual business attire, casual business casual, or formal attire.

Q2: How relaxed is the dress code for Murray’s Steakhouse? 

A2: The dress code for Murray’s Steakhouse is relatively relaxed, providing guests with the flexibility to choose between casual business attire, casual business casual, or formal attire.

Q3: Are there any restrictions on clothing for the dress code of Murray’s Steakhouse?

A3: Yes, clothing restrictions do apply for Murray’s Steakhouse. For example, clothing should be neat and clean, with no ripped or frayed apparel or athletic wear. Gentlemen should also have their hair trimmed and neat.

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